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Puzzles we want to do

A Beautiful View - 12,000pc, Schmidt
Lahaina Vision - 13200pc, Clementoni
Great Barrier Reef - 1500 + 400pcs, Epoch
Available here: http://imaginatorium.org/shop/sfx_combi.htm

White Torture - 1000pc, Beverly Puzzles
Can be bought here: http://imaginatorium.org/shop/nota.htm
Romero Britto: Garden - 5000pc, Grow

Romero Britto: Love Blossoms - 2000pc, Grow
Ocean Floor - 9000pc, Ravensburger
Notes: M Really wants to do this one

Anal Kiss - 1500pc, WD Puzzle
Picasso: Guerinca - 3000pc, Educa 

Michelangelo: "Creation of Man" - 13200pc, Clementoni http://puzzlehouse.com/creationofman13200.htm
Sellagruppe - Dolomiten - 13200pc, Celmentoni http://puzzlehouse.com/dolomites38007.htm
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! - 6000pc by Celmentoni http://puzzlehouse.com/lasvegas6000.htm
Neuschwanstein Castle - 6000pc, Clementoni http://puzzlehouse.com/neuschwanstein60002.htm
George Chambers: Bombardment of Algiers - 9000pc, Ravensburger http://puzzlehouse.com/bombardmentofalgiers9000.htm
Interlude - 3000pc, Educa http://www.seriouspuzzles.com/i13238.asp

Seurat: Sunday Afternoon - 3000pc Ravensburger http://www.simplepastimes.com/pd-seurat-sunday-afternoon-ravensburger-3000.cfm

Alex Beard: Nautilus - 552pc, Liberty Puzzles

Primavera Botticelli: Spring - 6000 pc, Schmidt

Colin Thomson: Quadratpuzzle, Phantastische Ballonfahrt - 1000pc, Schmidt http://www.schmidtspiele.de/produkt-detail/product/colin-thompson-quadratpuzzle-phantastische-ballonfahrt-59400.html

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