Saturday, September 6, 2014

Temptation of St. Anthony Lost to Stripper, please help!!!!

Hey readers. It's been a while. A couple of you know the story. But Mercedes and I split up and it's been too hard to puzzle and obviously we are doing different things. Interestingly enough, I got a call from her yesterday and this missing box we shipped with all of our completely puzzles finally showed up 9 months later at her moms house!!! 9 months!!!! Not exactly speedy delivery but I am interested to see how the puzzles faired. From the first report, its not well.

We are going to split the collection  a bit, not much really, I think M will take life and Rizzi. Life was her favorite and of course, Nothing like a Rizzi city is the inspiration for our matching tattoos! I think I might have to do that one again because I miss looking at it.

I am not sure how to get back on the puzzling wagon. It's so much effort to do these big boys. I suppose like any other time, you start with the first piece and go from there. If you are reading this, thanks for sticking with us during this time of no communication. I hope you all are puzzling and I know that we both actually still like hearing from you.

On another note, I just suffered a bit of a tragedy. In a twist of irony, my 12,000pc Temptation of St Anthony was destroyed by a naked stripper (long story, but seriously, who fucking destroys a puzzle?!?!?). Much like the temptation in the third panel!!!! If anyone has one, I need another one!!! Hieronymus work is my favorite and I was hoping to get back into puzzling with this one! Please help!!!!!!!!