Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The New King of Large Puzzles - Educa's 33,600pc Wildlife

Installation of Educa's 33,600pc Wildlife puzzle. The new world's largest puzzle!

WOW! The world just got a new largest puzzle! 33,600 pieces toppling  Ravensburger's 4 year hold on the title!! Educa really heated up the largest puzzle arms race again with the new 33,600 piece Wildlife puzzle and takes the crown from Ravensburger! I cant wait to get my hands on this big boy!

I inquired with Educa and found some more information! The puzzle comes in 10bags of 3,360pcs each and is finished with the traditional Educa Gloss Finish. Additionally, Educa had this press release to share:


At the Nuremberg Trade Fair, Educa presents the puzzle with the greatest number of pieces in the world. A 33,600-word challenge

The greatest puzzle challenge on the planet consists of no more and no less than 33,600 pieces. Educa presented the puzzle with the greatest number of pieces in the world at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, the most important event in the toy sector in Europe. This record size puzzle measures 5.7 metres long and is 1.57 metres high and has been christened Wildlife.

Wildlife comes in a special packaging for the occasion: in a wooden box with wheels, for easy handling and transport. The illustration will take the puzzle doer to the brilliant wildlife of Africa. Lions, elephants, giraffes and all kinds of animals inhabit a lush forest that can be put together, piece by piece, until you reach that magical moment of filling in the final one of the 33,600 small parts of which the image is made up. From March, it will be found at usual points of sale. Educa already had a large format puzzle, called Vida, which consisted of 24,000 pieces. Wildlife will now become its older brother as well as the puzzle with the greatest number of pieces in the world.
For David Olesti, Educa Borras’ marketing manager, this puzzle “is the greatest challenge in the world of puzzles. It is also a complete illustration created for the occasion and not the sum of different separate images, which makes it even more exciting”. The author of the illustration is Adrian Chesterman, an English artist who lives in Malaga. The author confesses: “working on such a large scale and with a subject that I like was a very exciting challenge. I have done drawings of animals almost all my life and I love nature and wildlife. Therefore, drawing a gigantic scene with all these wonders of the animal kingdom was a great delight”.
Obviously, the largest puzzle in the world also includes Educa’s Missing Pieces system, a unique service in the world that takes care of sending pieces that have been lost or damaged free of charge. The people at the Missing Pieces Archive receive applications, deal with each request, look for the pieces and send them by post at no cost for the user, in the shortest possible time.
There are many advantages in doing puzzles, so it is quite clear that one consisting of 33,600 pieces will be even more beneficial. The abilities that specialists consider to be developed when doing this kind of activity are motor skills, laterality, dexterity, creativity, socialisation, language, emotion and self-esteem.


Here is an interactive map of the puzzle. Zoom in and out and use your mouse to pan left to right. You can view it in its own full window here

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