Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ravensburger's new 32,000pc New York Puzzle

Ravensburgers New York Skyline at 32,000pcs! Look for this in September 2014!

Looks like Ravensburger had a new 32,000 piece puzzle coming and decided they could not let Educa have all the fun today. 2 Hours after Educa announced their new record breaking 33,600 piece puzzle, Ranensburger dropped on their Facebook page that they have new 32,000pc Skyline of New York City! This is the sneak peek they put up on the Germany Facebook page. I look forward to seeing the rest! One thing is for sure, if it is anything like Double Retrospect, it will be a pleasure to assemble but with a cityscape this large, it will be a nightmare!

It looks like the detail of the photography is suburb. This could actually be a real pleasure to assemble!

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