Friday, January 31, 2014

New 18,000 piece version of the Sistine Chapel from Educa

Sistine Chapel - 18,000pc, Educa
Educa's fresh new photography of worlds most recognized ceiling

Michelangelo would be proud of the monstrous new offering from Educa. This fresh take on the familiar ceiling is the largest puzzle of his work measuring 10.5ft long by 5ft wide! Educa's former release of 8000pc at 8ft by 3ft is dwarfed by comparison. We own the 8000pc version and are working on it as we speak. I don't normally like to redo puzzles in a larger format, but I will be making an exception for this big boy!

Here is an interactive map of the puzzle. Zoom in and out and use your mouse to pan left to right. You can view it in its own full window here

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