Thursday, September 12, 2013

Glacier and the Tower

NEW PUZZLE DAY! I love new puzzle days! Today the first 6000 piece Schmidt big boy showed up! It's a photograph of a glacier! This big bad boy is gonna be hard! The pieces are a great shape with skewed standard shapes and a wide range of scallops!

A few days ago, Gabor Szittya's Tower of Babel 6000pcs by Nathan arrived from San Diego! It's a great interpretation of the original work by Bruegel (we also own the 9000pc version of that one). The pieces have a very large lengthwise bias! I love the image of this one and look forward to it very much!

Hope all is well on your end! Anybody puzzling out there?


Glacier - 6000pc Schmidt
Purchased from ebay for $1.00 on 8/1/2013

Glacier pieces close up. Now that is a landscape for you!
Tower of Babel - 6000pc, Nathan
Purchased from private owner in San Diego 8-1-2013
Tower of Babel close up, the pieces have a strong lengthwise bias!

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