Saturday, September 7, 2013

Big Wine, The Kitty, M's first and Breaking Out the Sistine

M celebrating completing her first 1500 piece puzzle all by herself!

So its been kinda quiet over here! Sorry! We have been puzzling but its been more M than me. M finished up her Summer Porch puzzle! It looks fantastic! Our neighbor got a kitten and she has spends a lot of time with us these days. She is a bit rambunctious and  a little too curious about the puzzle table! In 2 seconds, she can have the time of her life and destroy days of puzzling!

I have been in a bit of puzzling funk, I think I am mentally blocked by all the missing pieces in the Wedding Feast and its overall difficulty level is really a pain lately. It seems like a chore to do and I have been opting to spend time on my studies or the Eternity II puzzle.

M decided she was going to motivate me to puzzle by working on the Sistine Chapel, and I have to say, it's working! She laid out the open "bag" of pieces yesterday. When she started, she said, thats funny, why do these 4 ziplock bags say 500,500,500 and 469? Well, it looked like they were the counts of the pieces in the bag from the previous owner. 469? That is A - a long ways from what should be 500 (indeed this is a 8000 piece puzzle in 4 bags so the sum of these parts better equal 2000) and its an odd number! Well, I guess we will see! Its kind of torture, this puzzle is so beautiful and colorful (unlike the Trionfo 8000) and I have to finish Wedding Feast and the 6000 Creation of Adam before I can work on it! Time to get busy!

The kitty (her name is Carib) is checking out M's completed Summer Porch and is eying the Wedding Beast!

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