Friday, August 9, 2013

Wedding Feast at Cana: Day 13

Wedding Feast at Cana: Day 13
The Wedding Feast at Cana - 9000pc after 13days of effort.
M and I took a couple days off of puzzling to go sailing but last night I managed to set down for an hour or so and work on more red. I will spend two more hours on red before calling the rest misfits and moving on to orange.

Yesterday was also new puzzle day! The Springbok 500pc Round Puzzle of a Puzzle showed up! This one looks like a lot of fun! The colosr are bright and has the traditional Springbok irregular cut and extremely tight fit. This should fulfill my puzzle of a puzzle fantasy!

Springbok Challenger Series: 500pc Round Puzzle Puzzle
This should be a challenge!

Springbok Challenger Series: Detail
Great colors and shapes from this puzzle. Nice work Springbok

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