Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Puzzle Day!

The collection is getting out of hand!
We have been slowing down on the puzzle purchasing, but there are just a few more that have shown up recently! Here they are including the first over 10,000 piece puzzle!

I am really glad the Neuschwanstein Castle is in great shape! This is really an important puzzle as it Ravensburger crushed the competition with this puzzle and remained the undisputed champion of the large puzzle scene for nearly 20 years! The bags of pieces are unopened and I unless I have some sort of change of heart, they will be assembled one bag at a time, there is  a LOT of scenery in this puzzle!

We have never done a 3D puzzle so we figured we would start with the worlds largest one! I guess we were inspired after watching the animation of it being put together!

I look forward to the Clementoni puzzles, they seem to be very well done!

New Puzzle Day: Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle - 12,000pc, Ravensburger
Purchased from ebay for $275 on 7/28/2013
New Puzzle Day: New York 3D
New York 3D - 3,141pc, Wrebbit
Purchased from ebay for $76 on 7/16/2013
New Puzzle Day: Dolomites
Dolomites - 6,000pc, Clementoni
Purchased from ebay for $20 on 7/14/2013
New Puzzle Day: Zodiac
Zodiac - 6,000pc Clementoni
Purchased from ebay for $53 on 7/9/2013

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