Friday, August 23, 2013

Algorithm Design and Analysis

Courses I am taking or soon taking. Not puzzles but
similarly very challenging!

I am taking a 5 day diversion from puzzling so I can complete my coursework in Algorithms. Not sure if you have noticed, but I AM trying to solve the Eternity 2 puzzle. Its a 256 pieces puzzle and if you can put it together you get a million bucks! Pretty cool right! Well, this requires a lot of mathematics and to solve.

I have always been a programer versus a computer scientist, I am trying to bridge that Gap with Coursera! You can take courses from free from the brightest institutions in the world. Currently my course is being taught buy a professor at Stanford. I love it! Check them out and expand your brain too!

Eternity II
The Eternity II Puzzle: A simple 256 piece puzzle? Easy.... um no, if you can solve it, you will win a million dollars! Bring your math skills! You can view more info here: Eternity 2

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