Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Mighty Machu Picchu Crumbles

Boom! Done. This puzzle was very hard in the solidish color areas. There are only two shapes (standard 2 knob, 2 receptacle pieces in horizontal and vertical orientation) which makes the puzzle difficult. The pieces will readily interchange and I found myself back tracking to find my mistake at least a dozen times.

The grass section did not offer too much of a difficulty. Overall, I will have to rate this an 8 (A 10 would be 5000+ version of a Paitnik solid black with gloss finish).

Time to get back to Life!

Update: When going back to life, the pieces now feel like oversized kid puzzle pieces and it feels sooooo much easier to do! I highly recommend this puzzle now as a trainer. You have to look for minute details and it helps train your brain. Think of it as puzzle push ups!!

This 500 Piece puzzle is pretty damn difficult. Rub your eyeballs and get ready for some tedious puzzling.