Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Puzzle Wall, Donkey, a Dress

M is working on Life while I take a break from working to snap a pic of the new puzzle wall.
We took some time today to rearrange things and hang some puzzles in the new place. We now have the first go at our puzzle wall in place. We really need more wall space!

I was on the way to pick up a bday present from our favorite fan (Penny) and I spotted a fantastic dress for M in a vendor tent on the side of the road. I pulled into get the dress and was greeted by a very friendly and colorful donkey! The donkey's name is Monica Lewinski... and is very photogenic!

My trip to the post office was a success and we are in possession of a seriously awesome new puzzle from Penny. More on that in the next post!
I picked up this sexy dress/wrap for M today! I cant wait to see her wear it. It's shear and she
will have to go nude under it :-)

Meet Monica Lewinsky the donkey. Heck of a nice donkey!