Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Tribute to Britto

As you know, we love Britto. So yesterday, we took a break from puzzling to start the first of a 4 part project to paint our car in an Tribute to Britto. We don't have a lot of supplies, so we used water based enamel and the used automative clear coat to protect it. Lets see how well it works! It was a big project but we are pretty happy with it if only for a while!

Our Jeep about to get a face lift!

The blank slate
Time to start painting!

Filling in the background

Adding stripes

This project went long into the night, those puzzle table lamps came in handy!

This is what it looked like before outlining

Bling Bling hood and wheels!

Our Jeep is so much happier!

The finished product!

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