Monday, July 22, 2013

Luca Giordano's: Glory of the Spanish Habsburgs

Luca Giordano's Trionfo degli Asburgo (Glory of the
Spanish Habsburgs) adorns the main staircase of the
El Escorial Monastery in Madrid
I recently purchased Educa's 8000pc puzzle of Luca Giordano's Trionfo degli Asburgo (Glory of the Spanish Habsburgs). When trying to find out more about this puzzle, there is a distinct lack of information. But after a bit of help from Google Translate, I stumbled across the real name and then some photos of the actual installation at the El Escorial monastery in Madrid, Spain.

As I started looking at the puzzle, I realized that it came partially assmebled so I pulled all of the sections out and sure enough, it was about 80% complete. I decided to finish the puzzle and then use it for a new top secret project.

I have to say, I hate this puzzle. What? Tom hates a puzzle? Yup! Here is why? The colors are awful and the image is out of focus! They are muted compared to the image pictured here, yellowed overall. I have learned to my dismay that every large format Educa puzzle has a gloss finish making it a real pain in the ass to assemble and finally, the cut of the educa puzzles is so lose, it makes working with even 4-10 piece sections extremely difficult. I give this puzzle an overall F for WTF Educa, you dropped the ball on this one. (Well it is something like 10 years old). I checked our 2012 8000pc While She was Sleeping and that too has gloss pieces but as of yet, I cannot speak for their fit.

I hope Educa spends some time and money and steps up their game! They are lagging far behind Ravensubrger as far as quality is concerned.

I am going to continue pressing on, but I don't like this puzzle in the least.



  1. Hi, where did you find the puzzle? I've been looking everywhere for it. I bought it in the 90s and I lost 1 piece. Called Educa and they no longer manufacture it or send missing piece. If you don't like the puzzle, are you willing to sell me my missing piece?
    (P.S. you're right about it being yellowish and reflecting light, making it very difficult to see the exact color of the pieces)

  2. Marie,
    The puzzle is now completed and adorns my ceiling. I would be willing to make you a replacement piece. You would just need to send me the surrounding pieces. I'm pretty good at it! If not, try puzzle doctor or keep an eye on ebay for it but puzzle doctor is probably your best bet.