Monday, July 1, 2013

Life Update July 1st 2013

Tonight M and I worked on Life for a bit. M is still wrapping up the hot air balloons and I am busy filling in the water. I was able to get the remaining fish and some of the large coral heads together. It sure is nice to work on the puzzle now that I am done with the clown fish. The puzzle is a great way to spend easy time relaxing after a long day of work!

I still find it funny how I can remember pieces of this puzzle from August of 2009 (almost 4 years ago). I love seeing a piece I remember. Tonight M asked me about a piece she could not place and one look and I knew it was the giraffes neck where  he comes close the camel. For whatever reason, that piece has stuck in my head from the last time I worked on Life.

Here are the update pictures:

I managed to get the rest of the fish together and most of the larger coral heads tonight

M made great progress on the balloons.