Monday, July 15, 2013

Life - Section A Complete / Wedding Beast: Day 3

Hi! We finished the firs section of Life!!!
Last night M finished up the first section of Life while I continued to sort the Wedding Beast. She did such a great job! I think she did about 700 pieces in one sitting! This wasn't enough for her either, she started on the 1000 piece Color Palette puzzle just as soon as she was done.

While we were moving life onto a board to clear the puzzle table, we had a lot of trouble. It was a two person job for sure and plenty of pieces came off and had to be reassembled. Life, as it turns out, is real lose, a bit of a whore if you will So, be careful with her, she is lose, you can't just toss her around like a tight little Springbok.

Oh yeah, at first we thought we were missing three pieces, ok we were missing three pieces. We found one in the sofa, and the other two we tracked down were inside the main box in the plastic bag the pieces came in. Turns out they never made it out of the bag!

Anyhow, all pieces were accounted for and now we have to figure out what the heck to do with it. Right now we are most likely going to mount it to foam and put underneath the puzzle table so you can see it when the table is raised.

M is powering through the last section of Life today!

25 days to complete the first 6,000 pieces!

The first two pieces of Wedding Feast...
9,118 to go!
Color Palette - 1000pc, Master Pieces
Available from
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M cant get enough today, she started on Color Palette...

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