Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life: Day 17

Well its been two weeks and change already. I had hoped we would be done with the first section by now but we have been busy with work and birthdays and puzzle tables and blogs and facebook integrations etc etc etc... Yeah Yeah excuses...

Last night I finished up the lower third of the puzzle (everything below the waterline). Today I will tackle the water above the water line and then the sky. M is off work tomorrow and we should be able to finish all the animals together tomorrow night. This is the plan anyway! Wish us  luck!

Oh I found some more Big Boys today from Schmidt. One of them appears to be a recent offering while the other two are circa 80s.  Check 'em out! I really want the tall ship. I will see if I can talk  M into it. M told me I have to "slow my roll" on buying the big boys (It is rather expensive to collect all of them)
Underwater section complete for now (A few pieces are still mis sorted in other areas) It always more efficient to move on and tackle large sections then come back to these stragglers
Glacier - 6000pc, Schmidt
I think this puzzle is awesome. It would be a real challenge to say the least!

Anne Geddes: A Composition in Blue and Yellow - 6000pc, Schmidt
I think this now qualifies as the very last puzzle I ever want to assemble! I would rather go insane with Schmidt's 6000 piece monster What a Crowd than this...

Windjammer Voilier Goletta a Vele Quadre Zallschip the Tall Ship Fullriggare (aka Tall Ship) - 6000pc, Schmidt
This is amazing!