Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let There Be Light

After a few days with the puzzle table, I realized something had to be done about the lighting situation. I thought about this for a while and realized a task light was the right choice! We would some lights from Office max for $18 each that fit the bill perfectly! They clamp on and can be moved and removed easily (as to be stored with the table and position where needed). The move about etc and the price was right.

Without hesitating, I went over to picked them up! We know have great lighting, the only thing i would do different is add two more! I might also put some blocks of hard wood in the table and drill holes for the lamp so that we dont have to mess with clamps and just slide the light where we want it. 

Last night we tackled Life for a long time. I had hoped to finish it last night, but Life threw up some resistance to being assembled! The last section of sky did not go much faster. For some reason, it was really hard. M struggled with the Zebras for some time too. She finally got them completed and picked off the 

Today, I am going to tackle it again. I am going to take the long hanging fruit of the giraffes and camel and then I will look carefully at what is left and make a decision then.

Our upgraded puzzle table with dual lighting!

19 Days of Life