Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Boss won't let me play with Life until I finish Krypt...

M said I have to finish Krypt tonight. She is tired of looking at that pile of silver pieces and I better not work on life until I finish it!!! Jeeeez. She still wants to wear the pants from time to time. I guess I will be a good boy and do what I am told. Here is the state of things. Wish me luck!

The state of things... A long ways to go!

Getting There!

My brain is starting to get mushy...

The hard part done, now its just like any other solid color section! I am gonna get this done tonight!

Boom! 2:45am complete. Take that M!

Great shapes, a pleasure to puzzle. 


  1. What a bummer! Too bad you started doesn't look like an easy one at all. Do you think you'll be able to finish it tonight? If not, you might try bribing her with some really romantic / hot stuff that she likes and maybe she'll let you work on Life! LOL

    If I were closer I'd come over and help you finish the puzzle so you can get back to Life....Life is going to be way more fun than Krypt! LOL

    1. P.S. Good luck, btw! You're going to need it....looks like you still have a lot left. LOL

    2. Thanks Penny! I am making good progress. She is woking tonight. I think I can make it! P.S. we made a bet today that if I could run further up the hill on our workout, I could listen to the boombox. We have been listening to records ever since :-) It sounds so amazing!

  2. Wow! I am really impressed that you got that thing REALLY want to work on Life, huh? LOL You are on a streak with "taking the pants back" finished the puzzle AND you won the opportunity to listen to your new boombox. Way to go, Tom! LOL

    I bet you sleep in a bit this morning....LOL