Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Beginning of Life

On the first day, God created stuff, and by the end of the week, there was a ton of things on this planet and this puzzle pretty much has all of it! One of the great things about having a puzzle closet overflowing with puzzles is not knowing which puzzle to do next. We tossed around a bunch of ideas tonight and decided to rip into Life! We are starting with section 1 and are sorting into clown fish, ballons, surface water, underwater, animals sky and edge pieces.

Tomorrow I am going to home depot to get some thin sheets of plywood to use as assembly boards so that each slice of life can be broken into three sections and stored under the sofa (until I get the puzzle table built). We have been using cardboard for this but its just not big enough. Each slice of life is roughly 62in x 42in. Our cardboard is 44in by 20in, so it will be 2 inches short in the end.

M starts working midnights tomorrow (not happy about this) so we are trying to get on a new schedule of staying up late. The only good thing about it is I will have a lot of time to puzzle at night!

M opening life!

Wowza, thats a lot of pieces to sort tonight!

Why did I pick this again...

So many pretty colors!

The first two pieces! When someone asks, "Who do you do those large puzzles?" The answer is , "One piece at a time"

I had an accident with the clippers today which resulted in shaving my head.... DUMB idea! What a sunburn :-)


  1. Yay!! Woo Hoo!! So glad to see you guys tackling Life next. Although, I thought you were going to start working on the one that is your first build for someone else? The 2000 year one.

    Life is a lot of fun as you will soon see. It's not a difficult puzzle by any means since there is so much texture and color variation in the pieces. Experts like you guys should easily be able to beat my time at assembling the first section....LOL It only took me 2 years, 8 months, and 10 days!!! LOLOL

    I can't wait to hear more about your progress on this one since it will be the first puzzle we truly have in common for having finished.

    Sorry about the clipper accident. As my husband likes to say, "What is the difference between a good haircut and a bad one?".....6 weeks! LOL

    Sorry about M having to switch to nightshift. That really sucks for you guys being able to puzzle together much. How long will she have to be on that rotation?


  2. I don't know if you guys have seen, but I updated my blog with pages for the Rizzi and 4 Maps puzzles. I wrote a little bit about the purchase of each one and included props to you guys for convincing me to buy both of them. LOL Here's a link:

    1. Love it Penny! Just got back from home depot with the new puzzle boards! What a great find. I picked up 1/8th inch 4/8 sheet of high quality plywood for 16 bucks each and had them saw it in to 4 pieces. So now I have 8 24x48in puzzle boards for $32! You can buy it that cheap out of foam board!

      I will post up some pics later! I am going to try and finish krypt tonight and sort the rest of this section of Life, we will see how far I get!


    2. PS we have not received the 8000 piece "2000 Years of Mankind" puzzle to assemble yet, It will go in the rotation after we get done with this section of life which I hope only takes 2 weeks.


    3. Ahh...I keep forgetting how long it takes to get stuff to you guys. Yeah, that makes sense now. Sounds like you got a good deal at Home Depot on the boards. That should certainly help. Personally, I don't particular care for the idea of trying to put the puzzle together where you have to switch back and forth between 3 or 4 boards in order to figure out exactly where your piece goes. I mean, you do what you have to when you don't have more space, but to me that would be annoying. That's one of the reasons I elected not to mix all 24,000 pieces of Life together before starting it. I would have liked to, but I know I would find having to rotate between all those board to figure out where to put the next piece quite annoying.

      Yeah, as quick as you guys are at puzzling, and the relative simplicity of the Life puzzle (other than the clownfish), it shouldn't take you guys very long...possibly even shorter than 2 weeks. Plus, you already have the added benefit of knowing the repeat pattern so that will save you some time if you decide to take advantage of that. Hardest part on this one, other than the clownfish, is all the sorting it requires. Sorting 6,000 pieces definitely takes some time!

    4. I felt the same way, but even with a puzzle table, I find having the boards makes it easier to work. You rarely need the entire area, you normally are working on a sorted section so it lets you but it together rather comfortably versus having to stretch to place or strain to look. You can also rotate your individual section to get a better look at it etc. Give it a try, you might like it.

    5. Damn it!!! Why do you have to make so much freakin' sense? LOL Of course, you have a very valid point, and I hadn't thought of it that way before in that I do have a hard time reaching into the middle of the board to work on areas that can't easily be reached from one side or the other. Part of that could be due to the fact I'm only 5'2", but still....LOL

      I do have a bunch of 1/2" foam board pieces that I bought to help me flip section 1 over on the big table. Maybe I will try using some of those and see what happens. I suppose the plywood boards would be more stable, but for now, I think the foam board pieces would work well enough for the areas I have a hard time reaching in the center.

      Thanks know, all your brilliant ideas are costing me money! LOL

    6. Well 16 bucks isn't tooo bad. Just be glad you aren't trying to collect all the big boys.... I am going to have to get a storage unit for our puzzle collection!

    7. No, $16 isn't bad. Yes, you are definitely going to start needing a storage unit or some kind of shed in your back yard soon. Do you at least have more cabinet / wall space in your new place to house all your "treasures"?