Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Puzzle Building Service

We have been in contact with a few people about building their big boys for them. If you have a puzzle you want assembled but know you dont have the time or patience, you can ship it to us and we will build it for you! Wait WHAT? Yup, you pay for shipping, we will build the puzzle and ship it back to you securely for final assembly and framing. We will blog about the progress and you can watch it take shape!

The first puzzle we are building is for Dawn, the Degano's 2000 Years of Man - 8000pc by Heye. The puzzle is on its way here, if you are interested in this service, please send me an email with the contact form on the right side of this website!

Well, whats in it for us? Good question! We want to build every puzzle over 5000 pieces and well, we love doing it. We would like to be "paid" in puzzles for good service so if you send us a puzzle on our wish list, or any Big Boy we don't own, we will be eternally grateful!

Our first puzzle building service project, Degano's 2000 Years of Man - 8000pc by Heye for Dawn!


  1. Seriously? I would never have imagined that someone would actually pay to have a puzzle together. The whole point is the putting together of them. If you want a puzzle done wouldn't there be a piece of art out there you could get of the same picture? I guess not! Well, it's a very interesting idea indeed! I hope it pans out for you both :)

    1. Yes, lets say for example you wanted the James Rizzi City, it would cost you about 15,000 dollars. Or you can buy the puzzle for 50 bucks and have us put it together :-)

    2. I suppose that would work then if you did want the artwork that is available as a puzzle. Still a unique concept! I hope you get a bunch of business.....even if it just fuels your puzzle addiction! :)

  2. It's so funny that you guys thought of this as it's something I've thought of as well, but then I'm like, who the heck would pay me to do a puzzle for them? If they're that into having a puzzle for artwork then they probably want the pleasure of putting it together themselves. However, I still love the idea and wouldn't mind doing it myself once my kids are more independent. Right now I have so little time to do my own puzzles that I can't imagine anyone being happy with me for taking 5 years to do a puzzle for them. LOL