Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heronim: Bridges of San Francisco, Update to the Big Boys

Last night M and I wanted to tackle an easy puzzle so we pulled down the 1000 piece Bridges of San Francisco from Mega Puzzles. You may recall, that I lovingly refer to Mega Puzzles as Mega Suck after my experience with Morning Marvels, however we find the hometown series to be palatable.

We didn't get to far, M has to get up pretty early for work these days so we tucked her in and I worked on the Big Boys list for a while. It's gonna take forever to fill it in completely with artists/photographers and release dates. I also found a few more puzzles. I am sure I am missing some early 6000/8000 Educa/Schmidt puzzles. I am fairly certain however, everyone over 8000 pieces is accounted for!

Currently the list is at 943,100 pieces with 100 puzzles! It will cost around $15,000 to collect all these bad boys plus keep up with the new ones that come out! It damn near a million pieces, this will be one large task to build all of these!

Heronim: Bridges of San Francisco - 1000pc, Mega Puzzles

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  1. One million pieces and $15,000! Wow! I think I had better stick with smaller inexpensive ones. That maybe over the next 30 years wouldn't be so bad. Good luck with your endeavors.