Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Found on Amazon - Wedding Feast at Cana 9000pc

Today, as I was updating some links on the website, I stumbled across someone selling the Wedding Feast at Cana on brand new for $155 dollars. If anyone else loves this puzzle as much as I do, here is a great opportunity. It's almost worth it to me to but it cause its new and given the trouble I have had with this one, but I will be in big trouble with the M...

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  1. Wow...I wish that you hadn't ordered the one from Germany, and you'd been able to get this one. The one thing you might do that would convince M that this one is worth it, is to count the one you have. If you're missing a lot of pieces, she might be willing to compromise on it so that you can be assured that you have a complete puzzle. If there are 25 or more pieces missing, it's hardly worth putting together, right? Just get a "back up"! LOL