Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Woody Finished!!!

This was an amazing pleasure to assemble! M did the bulk yesterday while I counted the 9000 piece monster. If you haven't done a woody, I highly suggest Liberty Puzzles! The intricacy is amazing and will open your eyes to the amazing possibilities.

In my opinion  Liberty is the finest expression of the art of puzzle making. They use state of the art technology that creates amazing cuts not possible with traditionally cut wooden puzzles. The beauty surpasses that of ordinary jigsaw cut wooden puzzles.

This reminds me a lot of CD's and Vinyl records. I dont own a CD but I do own a lot of records (Ok, I listen to the bulk of music streaming online). But CD's suck compared to vinyl, I guess we could argue this, but have you ever looked at a smal digital picture blown up and seen all the pixels? Well that is EXACTLY what CD's do to music. The CD was created like a million years ago and technology has gotten a lot better, (Imagine using a computer created around the time of CD's to look at high quality art....) Today, with Super Audio CD (I own a lot of these), Blueray etc, we finally have technology that surpasses vinyl and the same analogy can be made with laser cut wooden puzzles!

Get your woody on!


  1. Very well done! I like your pic from the reverse side of the jigsaw puzzle :-)

    1. LIa, you took the words right out of my mouth. It is a beautiful picture, but I like it from the reverse side even better! Seeing all the little whimsical pieces. I'm still looking to try to find that one "piece within a piece" piece that you showed us earlier, Tom...the one that looks kind of like a snowflake. I haven't found it yet, but I'll keep looking. I'll probably find it right before you respond. LOL

      Great job guys!

      How are you going to mount this one? Will the contact paper work on a wood puzzle that thick?

    2. Penny, psssst :-) just take a close look on the left side of the picture (the pic taken from the rev. side). The snowflake inside the snowflake is there. Did you find it?
      In fact, I found a few more as well as those whimsies with a swirl-cut. I love them

    3. LOL...thanks, Lia. I did find it right after I sent the comment above, like I figured I would. It just took a few minutes. There's so many cool looking pieces, and a couple more piece within a piece things too. This puzzle looks like it was a ton of fun. I might have to try one someday.