Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Clowning around

Wtf is taking me so long to get the clownfish done... Still not done

I think it comes down to the sort, I know pieces are in the very large animal section and I am not digging into it yet.

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  1. Finally, for a change, I get to give YOU guys words of encouragement! Hee hee

    The clownfish are difficult...even for puzzling experts like you guys just due to subtle color changes and the enormous amount of fish that are identical in coloring. I would almost be willing to bet money that some of the pieces you're missing for the clownfish are actually mixed in with the hot air balloons. I know I had quite a few pieces mixed up that way. Some of the solid pink, orange and yellow pieces especially look so similar that it's really easy to get them mixed up.

    Since you've already started on the hot air balloons, I would take a peek in that sorted section and see if you can find some of the ones you're missing in the clownfish area. I would bet more will be found in there than in your animals section.

    You'll get there! Once the clownfish are knocked out, the rest of the puzzle will be MUCH easier, I promise.