Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clowning around with Life continues

I am working at a decidedly slow pace on this... but never the less, the clownfish are starting to take form. I just need to finish the blue fish (tonight) and I will be "done" working on the fish and moving on to filling in the water.

These fish just dont seem to want to put themselves together. It's starting to look really great!

In other news, our puzzle closet just isn't working anymore, so I decided to stack up the puzzles against the wall. If I run out of wall, then I know its time to stop buying puzzles!

1 comment :

  1. Cool! I can definitely see some good progress on the clownfish....they think they are so funny, but they're certainly not all that fun to put together! LOL

    So, next you're going to tackle the blue water areas surrounding the fish? That's a good plan...that was probably the second hardest area for me too.

    The puzzle wall looks great! Wow that is a lot of puzzles!!! Crazy amount of work just in what you have there.