Friday, June 28, 2013


So, we made some changes today to the blog. We are now using the facebook comments. The only thing that sucks is that now we don't have all the comments from before, I am going to work on getting these out and putting them in somehow. Anyhow, enjoy the new commenting feature
M and I did zero puzzling yesterday, we went sailing, and swimming instead. We anchored just off the beach and made a rope swing from the halyard. All in all, a really good time was had! To wrap things up, we connected with friends we hadn't seen in a while and then headed to our favorite restaurant on island with 9 other folk and had a big bday dinner! (Birthdays in the household are a week long adventure).

Tomorrow is the bday party, I will be 37! (M keeps reminding me I am almost 40 now). So today I need to finish up some preparations. I am replacing all the lights in the pool area with blue bulbs, and fixing some broken wiring to a few of the lamps. High on the list is a disco ball and there is talk of going lobster scuba diving with a friend to add to the feast!

Breaking news ------>
M just got out of bed and the creature that crawled in her ass and died just burped and I almost threw up... I guess the romance is dead

Anyhow, two more puzzles are mulling about St. Thomas today. Lets hope they made it in a bit better shape!

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