Monday, June 24, 2013

100th POST: 6 months of puzzling and a bit of life

This is our 100th post! We have been officially puzzling together for 6 months! Last night we spent a few hours on Life and made a dent in the fish and the ballons. The puzzle is really easy in some areas, but the fish make things interesting. There is a steady progression of color from green, yellow-green, yellow, orange and then red that makes sorting the fish a bit difficult. Also, we surely missed a few pieces while sorting so its a bit frustrating to complete this section. I was hoping to be done by now but we got side tracked with our photo puzzle and being a bit under the weather.

Anyway, in 6 months, we have managed to assemble 21 puzzles and two sections of really big boys for a total of 27,000 pieces. Thats 151 pieces a day or so. At this rate, with over a million pieces in the big boy list, it will take us 18 years to assemble them all... (gulp) Good thing we have the rest of our life together!

We need to get BUSY!

The first fish coming together

M said f the clownfish and started working on the ballons

The pieces are beautiful

Fighting the orange/yellow. I need to take my own advice and start working on the other colors! Just keep puzzling!


  1. Yay! It's so cool seeing this section again through "your eyes". It's so interesting because even though we are doing the same puzzle, we have gone about it in different ways. I did the entire border (top, bottom, and left side) first, then worked just on the balloons, then the animals, and then the water based animals and water surface above the waterline. Then the sky and mountains, and lastly the clownfish and the other blue stuff below the waterline.

    I regret now that I saved the clownfish for last...even though in my initial blog entries I stated many times that I would go from the balloons to the clownfish immediately...that never happened. They were just really hard and I think contributed to lengthing my time to finish by a bit. LOL

    Oh doesn't matter what order you go in, the end result is always the same, but I find it fun and interesting to see how different people approach the same puzzle.

    One of the greatest things about the Life puzzle in my opinion is that you can't get too bored because there's always some other relatively large area / section you can work on when one gets you frustrated (like the clownfish). They are definitely the hardest part of this section. Everything else is simple by comparison, and even those - once you figure out the subtle differences between the yellow and orange clownfish isn't so bad. Once I was close to half way done with the clownfish, it came pretty easily and I was able to knock out a lot of pieces in one hour's time (at least 50).

    I'm still missing one solid orange piece in one of the larger clownfish. I may have to enlist your help later on to recreate the piece. I'm lucky that's all I lost given all that section of the puzzle went through during the time I used to put it together.

    Anyway, good progress! Can't wait to see more.

  2. I love your statistics too. 18 years to complete all the big boys. Holy cow - that will be quite the life's work for you guys, but I know you can do it.

    Happy 6 month puzzling anniversary too. Hee hee