Friday, May 24, 2013

White Torture

So the name of the puzzle basically says it all. I love it! This is created by Beverly Puzzles of Japan. They make some really fantastic looking puzzles. We will let you know more about the quality of these!

White Torture - 1000pc, Beverly Puzzles
Can be bought here:


  1. That does look like torture! For me, I have to really like the picture in order to want to spend the time to do a puzzle. This one would not hold my interest for very long I don't think, but it is a cool idea. Are you planning to get this one?

    I can't remember if you've told me this already or not, but how did you get so into doing puzzles? You said that the 9,000 piece Wedding Feast puzzle got you hooked, but I don't know the story behind your love of doing puzzles. I'm assuming you got Mercedes hooked or did she already have a love for doing them when you met?


  2. I am! It is on the wish list ( I puzzled for a while before I meet M, years before really. I have actually bought life before, but then I moved to a place with no space and I sold it on craigslist (I was racing sailboats a lot and not really into puzzling). M bought me the 750 piece vegas from Buffalo Games for xmas without knowing about my puzzle love. I started telling her about my puzzles and she told me how she always loved puzzles and the beast was born! We have done all of these puzzles in the 6 months we have been married!

  3. Wow, you guys are still newlyweds (even though I now know you've been together off and on for years)!

    What was the very first puzzle you completed and at what age?