Friday, May 24, 2013

Look out Ocean, here I come!

It's time to tackle the water, everything else is done! I plan on doing the equator, then any text or objects, lines of latitude and longitude and then fill in the rest.

Ready to tackle the Ocean!

Time to fill in the green continents now!

262 pieces of the green continents to place. Notice they are arranged into shapes and aligned to condense them and reduce the brainwork required to place them. I was able to place these in under an hour. That means I placed a piece every 13 seconds for an hour. (In reality, it goes WAY faster the more you get done). If you compare this to the board of water in the background, it will never be that fast if you dont organize them first.


  1. really is a beautiful picture. I think, even though it's going to be difficult, I am going to love doing that puzzle. The "Old World" type of decor with lots of earthy tones is how my house is decorated so this puzzle will be a perfect addition to it.

    Has M already left for Michigan? You seem to be posting a lot the last day or two so figured she might have already left. Is she going to be upset that you're working on this one without her? LOL Actually, she'll probably be relieved, right? You tackling the nasty ocean parts will be less she has to try to figure out later. LOL

    1. Yeah, she took off yesterday. I told her I was going to finish this AND double retrospect section while she was gone and maybe that 2500 Lofton Norway while I am at it :-) You getting any puzzling done over there?

    2. LOL....that's a whole lot of puzzling to live up to! I was going to ask you what you were going to work on next after finishing this first section of 4 Maps....Double Retrospect?

      The new background on the blog looks a little sharper. Are those pieces from the Maps puzzle or just one you found online?

      Yes, I did get some puzzling done yesterday morning and this morning before my little Boo Boo woke up. I got the rings around the blue planet (not sure what planet it's supposed to be - Neptune? It doesn't really look like Saturn other than the rings.) finished and part of the planet itself. I also did a little more of the light blue water line between the sky and the land animals. I also sorted out a bunch of the rainbow portion of the sky and will work on that at my next opportunity which will probably be when Derek goes down for his nap later.

      Are you planning to puzzle most of the day today? I wish I had that luxury...having kids changes things...A LOT! You really don't get much "me" time. Have you guys thought about having children someday? I know you just got married a short time ago so I'm sure you're in no hurry. LOL


  2. Ooops...I also meant to say that your sorting technique is the same one I use in the Life puzzle. It makes it SOOO much easier not to have to look through all the pieces to find the one you're looking for this way. I usually sort by shape and sometimes color too if there's a lot of one particular shade (like the clownfish area of Section 1). I also lay them out according to the orientation in which they go into the puzzle which looks like you have done as well.