Sunday, May 26, 2013

The new Puzzle House

Puzzling with a view!
Here is the new puzzle mansion.... well not exactly. We did find a place that would hold every puzzle I could ever imagine putting together, it was truly a mansion, but puzzles aren't everything in life so we opted for more important things for the time being. I am going to build some very intricate puzzle tables. (One for me and one for M) and we plan to puzzle outside most days!

This is where all the sex happens (ok, well most of it)

See this big wall on the left edge, it will hold two 9000 piece puzzles!

Yeah, its gonna be floor to ceiling puzzles!

Since you cant ALWAYS puzzle, its nice to have a place to entertain and swim!

I love rolling out of bed and into the pool!

UPDATE: We are going to build a puzzle table that comes down from the ceiling! More to come!


  1. The house looks beautiful! Is it coming with all that furniture already or is it still previous owner occupied?

    Where are you going to hang Life and Double Retrospect? Each needs at least 5.5 to 6 feet top to bottom and 14.5 to 17(for double retrospect?)feet in width.


    1. Good questions Penny! Lets not forget the two 18000, four 9000 etc... The long story short is, we will not be able to. We are going to experiment with building a wooden frame and pouring laquer over a puzzle and mounting it outside. We plan to pepper the island with puzzles and create a buzz for the puzzle club and puzzle walk of sorts..... stay tuned!

    2. PS the place is furnished as is. I pick up the keys today!