Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seeing Spots

So today has been tedious! The ocean is kicking my ass. I have organized the ocean into pieces with writing and without and grouped by shape. Wish me luck!

This is gonna suck. I decided it was too tedious to hunt for each word, I am just gonna tackle the ocean one little section at a time and pretend its all solid colors. There are about 1200 pieces to go.

All lined up and ready to puzzle. 

Not a lot of progress today, I managed to get the bulk of the ships, some big writing and the equator done. I is way to hard to find each word on the box and place it, switching tactics.


  1. EEEK! That does look pretty difficult. Why does the ocean have all those spots? What do they represent or can you tell?

    I was honestly expecting to see a picture this morning of most of this section done. What a bummer that it's been so difficult.

    Can't wait to see more on the progress. After this, Double Retrospect is going to seem like a walk in the park. LOL


    1. Not sure why the artists decided on spots... its driving me mad! Progress is slow and steady. I have to take a lot of breaks on this one, the dots are driving my crazy.

    2. Its probably because blue was a really expensive pigment when it was painted.

    3. I needed a break and decided to do some digging on the maps in this puzzle: