Friday, May 3, 2013

Rizzi Progress Report

After taking a few days off for Ms bday, we hit Rizzi hard today and made some legit process. I would say we are one day away from completion. Our friend Ashley is visiting so it might not happen for a few days but surely we will be done within the week!


  1. Wow...great job guys....and quick too. What puzzle are you going to tackle next?

  2. We are going to do a section of Double Retrospect next, and a few other smaller puzzles. But not sure what will come after that. I am really pissed off, my internet died on my phone last night and I missed placing my bid on ebay for life. It ended up going for 117.50. I am sooo mad!

  3. Oh man that sucks! Yeah, I missed out on $123 (including shipping)on Double Retrospect a couple of weeks ago. I was mad too. Man, sorry to hear that. That's cool that you're going to do another section of double retrospect next. Should be fun. I can't wait to see you guys start Life. I think you'll start it before I finish it. LOL It will be fun to compare notes as you work through each section.