Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rizzi Finished!

Today we finished up James Rizzi's Nothing is as Pretty as  a Rizzi City! We laid our puzzle piece tattoo piece in around 6pm today! So far, this is the largest puzzle we have completed together! It took us 19 days from start to finish.

We however, realized the fear that indeed, a piece was missing! We also learned that Ravensburger does not have a missing piece replacement program for puzzles 5000 pieces and under.
The Missing Piece... A very sad day!
I found a funny link while looking for techniques on how to make a puzzle piece, turns it took this guy 8 years to do a 5000 piece puzzle and he found he too was missing just one piece! I hope he gets it fixed!

For now, I am going to try my hand at making a replacement piece... we will see how it goes, if it doesn't work out, then I will have to go to the doc! I am going to try and fix it using a printer, and wood epoxy like quick wood. I am going to first try and print the missing piece using a scanner and photoshop. Once I print the piece, I will place the surrounding pieces face down and lay in the new piece image, fill the whole with the epoxy, and then level it off with the surrounding pieces and let it dry. Wish me luck!

UDPATE: WE FOUND THE PIECE! Here is the completed puzzle!


  1. Wow, that really sucks about the no replacement pieces for 5,000 and under. You would think the cutoff would be anything 5,000 and over as that's a pretty damn big puzzle at 5,000 pieces. What a bummer! So what are you going to do with the pieces that have the wine spilled on them? I know you said you're going to attempt to make a new piece for the missing one, but having to do that for 25 more pieces could be quite a daunting task indeed.

    Congrats on finishing it though! Woo hoo It's pretty cool looking.


  2. Hey Penny, WE FOUND THE MISSING PIECE! Check out the latest post! Thanks for continuing to follow our adventures. We have already built a couple more puzzles since we finished Rizzy. 500 piece puzzles are just snacks!