Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Palpitations 1000pc by Schmidt

I found this puzzle this morning and would really like to but it but I cant seem to find a place to do it... Its a new 1000 piece from Schmidt. When I try to order from their store, the dont ship to the US...

Palpitations - 1000pc, Schmidt
Here is where you could order it in Germany:

I really need a german puzzle friend who will ship me puzzles from abroad....

UPDATE: I remembered seeing a press release about a US distributor annoucement for Schmidt so a big of google work and I found the new importer Lion Rampant Imports and sure enough, its for sale in the US!

UPDATE: Nevermind the last update, they are the wholesale distributor and are in Canada..... soooo close.


  1. What a bummer....that is a really cool looking picture. I like it a lot.

    Have you done other Rizzi puzzles or just the Rizzi City one?

    1. I did the 1000pc Rizzi Times Square puzzle in a puzzle shop one day..... but if there are others, I dont know of them at this moment....

  2. Gotcha. Yeah, I saw the times square one yesterday online somewhere.

  3. Your list is so amazing, you should send a link to Scott on his blog. I bet there are ones in there that even he hasn't done.

  4. The palpation jigsaw is available at the uk amazon store, if they wont post to USA for you, I would be happy for you to use my address in Australia, (I have bought stuff from them before) and forward it on to you.

  5. Holy crap!!! 4 Historic World Maps just arrived...the box is almost as heavy and as big as the Life box. I know, there's only 6,000 pieces difference so I guess it should be. This was definitely a good investment for getting it used. They had only opened one bag and took about 100 or so pieces out before deciding it was too complicated and they put all the pieces back into 3 separate gallon size ziplock bags. So only bag "b" is not still factory sealed, and it came with all the original paperwork, quality assurance page, and the big poster. I'm pretty confident that it's all here. Oh, this one is going to be fun....LOL

  6. I love this heart puzzle. It's different from any I've done. I've added this one to my wish list.