Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Puzzle Piece Tattoo

Yesterday, for Mercedes' birthday, we got new matching tattoo pieces of an actual piece from the 5000 piece James Rizzi puzzle we are currently constructing!

We had a last minute change of piece and then a small addition to make it more personal to us. Check it out. Thank you so much Seth from Compass Rose Tattoo in St. Thomas! We could not be happier!

This is the piece we found. We had a different piece picked out but changed our minds the night before. We like this one because its for sure us, the puzzle couple.

M has her outline done, now its time to color it in!

M getting color
Our friend Laura stopped by the shop to see us getting some ink!

Mercedes went first, now its my turn!

Women are way better at pain than men. M says I had to wear my shades to hide the tears.... whatever, look how bright it is in there!

Thats mine!

Our pieces together at last!

We had to fix up the actual puzzle piece now! Cant wait to place this one! We will save it for last!
We took the night off from puzzling and went out with friends to celebrate her birthday properly. I am one lucky man! 

Here is a picture of the puzzle as we were working on it.


  1. The tattoos look great, guys! Congrats. Happy birthday to M too. Now get back to that puzzle! LOL

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