Monday, May 6, 2013

Missing Pieces, Wine and other troubles.

This James Rizzi puzzle is giving us some trouble. We are 99% certain we are missing a piece ontop of spilling wine on about 25 of them... Our table puzzle is for all practical purposes, outside, so we have to go through a lot to keep it dry and organized which means shuffling between multiple tables and board to build such a large puzzle. Well, lets just hope we can get replacement pieces without issue....

The sidewalk and buildings are now complete... time to fill in the street! Maybe tonight!


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  1. Man, you guys just aren't having an easy go of it with this one, are you? Don't give up hope...the piece you're missing could have just fallen off somewhere to be found later. Have you guys already contacted Ravensburger about the ones that got ruined by the wine?

    I just posted a new update on my blog today too. Making progress....slow but sure. Have a great day.