Friday, May 17, 2013

Making Lost Pieces

So I decided to complete a puzzle I knew was missing pieces and try out a technique for building lost pieces I pieced together from various posts on the web. The first step was to scan the box top at 300dpi and remove all the pieces surrounding the missing pieces and scan them at 300dpi.

Bring these into photoshop and lay the over the background in layers. Adjust the background zoom to fit the pieces, use the magnetic lasso to cut out the missing piece from the surrounding pieces, add a border for your cutting guide, flatten and print on photo paper. Press the photo piece into place upside down, fill with wood epoxy and let dry! Did the whole thing in less than an hour and we are very happy with the result!

The area with missing pieces scanned in from the box top at 300dpi.

Missing Piece 1

Missing Piece 2

Missing Piece 3
The Pieces ready to print and be cut out
Puzzle now complete and drying! You can only really tell on one piece where I cut the piece a bit too small so the wood putty shows in the crack. But overall, I proved the concept so I feel a lot better now if the dreaded missing piece happens.

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  1. Holy crap! That looks amazing! You did a fantastic job. I think if Educa is unable to replace my missing piece on Life, I may be asking for your help! LOL

    I don't know if you saw, but I made comments on several of your posts from yesterday....not just the latest one.