Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Light at the end of the tunnel

About 200 pieces to go! I made a lot of progress tonight. Using the pencil rub technique was really helpful on the "odd" piece columns and others as you can see what piece was needed and cut down your searching! I was able to rub a section from the other half I had completed to start getting the ocean filed in places. Once I finished the first half, I slipped the remaining puzzle on top so the pattern is obvious. I really jammed about 200 pieces in an hour and now I can see the light! The remaining pieces are all the standard shapes and a lot of plan dot pieces, so it will not go as fast!

All the big boys have a repeating pattern. Once you establish it, then you can use it to make assembling the rest a piece  of cake!

Here I placed the rub under the section I was working on, works wonders! Its not super high definition on the knob differences, but you get shape and placement pretty well.

Geting there. After this I split the puzzle in half and placed the unfinished half on top of the completed half

3D Puzzling. It's not as bad as you might think....


  1. It's looking great! The rubbing idea is something I definitely need to try on this one as it's so complicated. I will definitely need to have you refresh my memory on where the repeat pattern is on this one when I get to that point.

    1. Penny ,you will see, when find a non standard piece (more or less that two knobs and two holes) that entire column is made up of them. There are some "random" pieces of this thrown around just to keep things interesting, but if you rest assured there are columns of pieces all the way through. Progress is slow as we are moving. Good news, the puzzle company said they would work with us to make a custom 6000 piece puzzle, bad news, price is 1200 for the first one, 250 for each after that.... guess I will need to make sure its a marketable piece before continuing.... They also wont print the topless photo of M we want made into a puzzle...

    2. So does that mean where those columns are is where it starts to repeat? How many repeats left to right (across) and how many vertically? Life is 37 across and 27 down.

  2. Wow, $1200 for a puzzle seems crazy expensive, but I guess the quantity you'd be manufacturing is so small that they have to make their money somehow. Cool to know that they would do it for you though. Did they say what resolution your picture has to be shot at in order to make it clear in a format of that size? I would think pretty high rez on something that is stretched out over 6,000 pieces.

    LOL on the topless M puzzle....guess you'll have to find a more "mature content" puzzle maker. Hee hee Or, here's an idea....spend $1200 in a jigsaw cutter and make all of them yourself!


  3. How many more pieces do you have left on the Maps section? You've got to be getting pretty close I would think.