Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Mercedes, The Glass of Wine, New Tattoos

Today is Mercedes birthday and to celebrate, we are getting new matching tattoos. Of what you ask? Well, a puzzle piece of course! But wait, it's not just any puzzle piece, its going to be our favorite piece from the James Rizzi Nothing is as pretty as a Rizzi City puzzle! Pretty kick ass huh!

In other news, after about 50,000 pieces, I had my first puzzle accident last night... I spilled a glass of wine and ruined about 25 pieces of the 5000 piece Rizzi puzzle we are getting tattooed today! I was so mad at myself, I know better than to have beverages on the puzzle table. M just said, thank god it was not me! I guess we are going to test the Ravensburger lost/broken piece replacement program.... so sad!

In other news, Mercedes mom bought her a puzzle for her bday! Its so colorful and we cant wait to show this one off!

We are getting this as matching Tattoos for M's 29th Birthday!!! It's a piece from James Rizzi's Nothing is as Pretty as a Rizzi City 5000pc puzzle by Ravensburger

Mercedes Mom got her Color Palette 1000pc from the Master Pieces Colorize series for her bday!

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  1. Oh man that sucks about your ruined pieces. I guess the lesson learned there is never DRINK AND PUZZLE! I hope you're able to get all of the pieces replaced. I know that on my Life puzzle by Educa they will replace up to I think it is 16 pieces for any puzzle. So good luck....hopefully Ravensburger, being the mack daddy of the puzzle makers, will have a higher piece replacement limit.

    The tattoo you guys are going to get looks pretty cool. I can't wait to see pictures of it. How big is the tattoo going to be?

    Anyway, I am making progress on Life....just did a new update yesterday if you wanna check it out.