Friday, May 24, 2013

Great Barrier Reef 1500 + 400

I found a very interesting puzzle, it is heart island in the Great Barrier Reef. The image is awesome but the format is very interesting. It is a1500 piece puzzle with a bonus 400 piece mini puzzle of a portion of the larger picture.
Great Barrier Reef - 1500 + 400pcs, Epoch
Available here:

This is an example of the 1500 + 400 puzzle. It is two puzzles in one, a 1500pc and a 400pc of the smaller section of the same image... love it!

Showing the 1500+400 format almost done! (photos from


  1. I don't get this...what is the point of having two puzzles of the same picture, even if one is only a mini version? I guess the challenge lies in trying to separate what belongs in the 1500 piece one vs. what goes in the smaller one? I don't know that I would enjoy doing that. Although to contradict myself, I have thought of doing the 3,000 piece version of the Life puzzle, but only if I end up donating the bigger one somewhere which is not likely since I want the satisfaction of having it on my wall and being able to "brag" that yes, I have completed a 24,000 piece puzzle!

    1. I certainly have not heard of anyone buying life, mixing all the bags, and then getting the smaller version and adding that in too! I suppose that would make things interesting! I just like the concept. I guess I like puzzling for the activity itself (versus having to love the pic but dont get me wrong, that helps). I live creative ideas and challenges with the puzzle.

    2. I don't know if you've read any of the Hall of Fame stories on the Life puzzle website (, but I believe there are 2 stories on there of people who have completed both...not at the same time of course, but one right after the other. I would imagine that after completing the big daddy puzzle, the 3,000 piece "baby" puzzle would be a walk in the park. LOL

      If you haven't checked out the Hall of Fame pages on that site, I would highly recommend them for some fun reading. There are people all over the world who were among the first 100 people to complete. Some of the stories are really fun to read. The most amazing and awe inspiring one, at least to me, is the one of Daniel Wright...he lives in St. Petersburg, FL. He is a c3-C5 quad/tetrapalegic. He has very limited use of his hands (palms, but not fingers), and he not only completed this massive puzzle, but he COMBINED ALL 24,000 PIECES BEFORE HE STARTED!!!!! This man licked his palm and picked up 24,000 pieces of puzzle and placed them. If that's not enough to get you motivated to do any puzzle on the planet, I don't know what is. I was in awe....

    3. HOLY CRAP THAT IS AWESOME! WOW! Funny thing about puzzles, I have a friend in jail down here. She took a plea on a tax evasion thing years ago and just got sentenced to 6 months. Anyhow, turns out I could give her a puzzle to do so I did just that. You cant believe how happy she is, she started crying. She said it really turned things around for her (it was a bit of shock at the sentencing a week ago to all of us). Anyhow, she said it brought all the people together and made friends etc. It was so great that it could help people and they are just fantastic.

    4. Yeah, that is a neat story too. It's amazing what puzzles can do to bring people together. When it's large enough (like the kind we like to do), it makes it so much fun to have help. It's a great way to unwind, chat and catch up, and have lots of laughs while doing it. Everyone can work on something different.