Thursday, May 16, 2013

Border Complete 4 World Maps 1st Section

I finished the gold border of the first section this morning after 5 days! All of the pieces are accounted for which was my biggest concern as I thought it might be difficult to reconstruct a gold piece if one was missing (if you recall, we bought this puzzle used off of craigslist and the section we are working was already open and bagged in a garbage bag...)

I came to realize an interesting pattern in the puzzle on the row and column without edges, that entire row and column facing the other section have a uniform small knob in the middle of the piece or a uniform small receptacle for the matching knob from the other section. This threw me off a bit as the matching piece pattern is broken in this row and column. Additional, there are columns of irregular pieces (less or more than two knobs and two holes) and in the top row of the border (where it has uniform small knobs to join the next section, the pattern it has odd shaped pieces all over the place (in order to keep the uniform knob pattern I assume.

So, if you are reading this and attempting to do this puzzle, each section will have two actual borders and two borders with alternating in out uniform knobs. I recommend solving the top (or bottom) with an edge, then the other edge, then the bottom or top adjoining the other section and finally the vertical edge uncompleted. the hardest and slowest is the first section (with three rows of solid gold pieces) but I think you will find it is the best way.

Border Complete!

This is the pattern along the internal borders, the knobs are identical and centered in the piece. The knob receptacles are also identical and centered. The patter strictly repeats in and out all along these internal edges. 

This threw me off at first, Here I am showing the "identical piece" that also fits there, but these edges are modified to fit the other sections. Remember the puzzle repeats horizontally per section, so when solving the hoizontal edges, make sure you solve both halves at the same time! It saves a ton of work. Just beware that the internal "edge" pieces will not have a twin.
This is the whole puzzle, what you see completed is the lower right section.

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  1. Good work, and nice detailing on how to do that gold border section. If I ever attempt to do this one I will go back and re-read this post!