Wednesday, May 15, 2013

4 World Maps Update... Wedding Feast At Cana Bid End Today

So I take back a bit of what I said about 4 World Maps, specifically, I take back my gripe about the loosely interlocking pieces and the lateral variation. It is true, the double retrospect, their newest large format puzzle, its WAY better, this is still a very good effort but does take a bit more concentration to see the differences.

I have very much enjoyed my time assembling the gold border. It is strange however, this section appears to have a gold border 3.5 pieces on the bottom, 2.5 pieces on the side with an edge  1.5 piece on the side without an edge and the top. So far, so good, all pieces accounted for. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

Today, the holy grail of puzzles for me ends on ebay Germany and I hope to win it! I will keep you updated! It was my first large format puzzle and I never completed it. I had it 90% done and it was destroyed in a move. This one has already been assembled and unassembled so it is actually a 9000 piece puzzle! This will be a real challenge (versus all of our other large format puzzles break down into 4-6000 piece sections. Currently the bid is at $20 USD plut $55 international shipping....

We are looking at a new place to live, and the top priority after location, kitchen and bathroom size and view is space for a massive puzzle table and wall space to hang puzzles.

So far I have finished the bottom border and now I am working on the left side. The only way in my opinion to assemble this border is start with the "inside" gold border with a partial picture on it. This at least can then give you two sides to get started. The pieces are challenging in that wrong fits are common place and I have had to back track more than once (about 5 times so far). This puzzle repeats horizontally across each section once(If it is anything like Double Retrospect it actually is pressed from 1x1000ish die and rotated etc but i have not been able to find that pattern yet). This made solving the bottom border easier because when you find one piece, you know what its mate looks like half way down the border. This is why the bottom border is split in half. You can tell where the split in these puzzles are because this is the only place the grid patter does not align perfectly. 

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