Monday, May 27, 2013

3rd done with the ocean!

I broke the puzzle into three strips (cause that is what fits on my boards) and I have completed 1 whole strip which is about 1/3rd of the ocean, just two to go!!!

I'm guessing it took 20 hours of puzzling to get that far (just the ocean that is), but, I have a plan to go faster; I'm going to build up to the halfway point (roughly half the next strip) and finish it (versus finishing the next strip completely), so I can utilize the duplicated pattern to make it faster!

I'm off to the new house, to get the keys and take a dip and deliver the first round of puzzles!!!!

Damn that took a long time

It's not every day you see 38,000 puzzle pieces strapped to a scooter!

Our first load of stuff safely at the new house!


  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on finally getting 1/3rd completed. That was an accomplishment in itself it looks like.

    Please tell me you're not planning to move all your stuff one little scooter ride at a time? That will take you months...LOL

    What made you guys decide to get rid of your cars? Is the island not really big enough for cars?

    Are you going to rent a truck of some sort to move all your stuff? Good to see that you're taking good priorities with the move....puzzles must come first, right?! LOL


  2. How was the first visit to the new house? The view from it looks gorgeous!