Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rizzi ready to puzzle!

After about 5 total hours,we are sorted flipped and have the edge assembled. This is so far my favorite puzzle. It just makes me happy to look at all the colors and happy images.

Thats is what 5000 unassembled pieces looks like

A better view, we have sorted in priority edges, anything  pink, then blue, then contains sidewalk (white), contains street (brown) and then everything else. 

The fully assembled border! Good thing we have such a large table!

Assembling the border


  1. LOL...You guys are nuts, but too funny. Your puzzle table looks great. Are you guys planning to do the Life puzzle at some point? If so, you may have to add just a tiny bit of an extension on the table as it's about 46" wide for one section. Height wise you'll have plenty of room.

    Have you tried putting the contact paper down on the back of your cocktails puzzle yet? If so, how did it go? I recently updated my blog with the contact paper down on the first section of the Life puzzle. It went on a lot easier than I thought it would, but doesn't make it quite as sturdy as I would have liked.


  2. Yup we sure did, we just mounted the cocktail puzzles to foam tonight. It feels great. There is a picture in the latest post

  3. The cocktails puzzle looks great, and looks like the technique is working well for you.

    Did you guys give up on Double Retrospect? I thought you had started that one a while back? Never saw where it was completed though....

  4. Nope, just taking a break. We have section A done. Just wanted to do some other stuff in between.