Friday, April 26, 2013

Rizzi progress

We made a lot of progress tonight!!

The Sky and buildings are coming along nicely

M's banging out the people on the street

Various Cars and Parts


  1. This puzzle is kind of cute. At first I didn't care that much for the looks of the picture, but seeing some of it up close, it looks better.

  2. The box image does it no justice! It's so busy and so many details, it's certainly on the top of my favorite puzzle list

  3. Yeah, it is much better looking on your table than the box shows. I just missed out on an Ebay steal on Double Retrospect. Someone had it listed brand new starting at $26.00 plus $35 for shipping. Of course it jumped up, and ended up going for still a great price, but I wasn't willing to spend it at the time. I think the winning bid was only $90 plus the $35 shipping. I should have stayed up till it closed at midnight and gotten it, but I just wasn't looking to spend more than $100 on it as in my mind it's still not a good looking puzzle. Life, I think is a gorgeous picture, but Double Retrospect is not my type of artwork. I would have just gotten it for the fact that it was so cheap and a huge puzzle challene, but nothing else.