Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New puzzles, Cocktails Mounted, Rizzi Update

Today we picked up some new puzzles from the Humane Society. A vintage 2500pc MB Grand Series puzzle (4870-3: Lofoten, Norway) and a Clementoni 1000pc Platinum Series - Raffaello: La Disputa del Sacramento

Both are interesting pieces and we look forward to getting to them someday! The MB puzzle is sealed and someone bothered to bag the edge pieces separately from the center of the Clementoni so I have high hopes our perfect thrift shop record will not go unspoiled. I am especially excited for the MB puzzle because its a throw back to the puzzles I remember doing as a child.

The Clementoni is by the artists Raffaello Sanzio and was completed in 1509 and as a work meaning Dispute of the Sacrament. This work hangs in the Vatican City today. The piece has a fascinating history. You can read more here: (Its in italian so make sure you use your google chrome to translate it)

In other news, we finally glued cocktails to foam and it feels like the right way to mount a puzzle! I think we will frame these now, but I feel its good and solid!

Cocktails mounted to foam finally!

M takes on the taxis and yellow cars of James Rizzi: Nothing is as pretty as a Rizzi City

Our new find: A 1983 MB Grand Series 2500pc puzzle of Lofoten, Norway

We also found this: Raffaelo's La Disputa del Sacramento

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