Friday, April 19, 2013

James Rizzi: "Nothing is as pretty as a Rizzi City" Ravensburger 5000pc

Last night we started "Nothing is as pretty as a Rizzi City" by James Rizzi. It is the largest single puzzle (5000pcs) we have started. We are working on larger ones, but then all break down into smaller puzzles (4000ish pieces). James Rizzi was an american pop artists known for his 3d cityscapes and happy objects.

Here are some links: 

Official Site:

James Rizzi: Oct 5 1950 - Dec 26 2011. 
James Rizzi: Nothing is as pretty as a Rizzi City - 5000pc, Ravensburger 
Mercedes started sorting the 5000 pieces on our new puzzle table.
Rizzi Happy Houses in Germany (Wikipedia)

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