Monday, April 15, 2013

Cocktails, The Puzzle Pimp and the Closet

The bulk of our puzzle collection has arrived and since we have been on island we have been swimming in a sea of rum and sex, it seemed appropriate to take a night of from debauchary and work on a puzzle.

We decided it would be appropriate to work on the Cocktails puzzle (1000 pieces by Paitnik) and to spice up our puzzle life and add a third girl to the mix as well! It was a wild Friday night! I decided to man up and take the edge and black while the girls tackled the drinks. This proved to be really frustrating! The Paitnik pieces suck as far as shape differentiation goes. Solid color pieces are very very difficult to assemble and the girls assembled the entire rest of the puzzle before I had even placed 30 interior black pieces. The first 5 took me over an hour!

The puzzle quality itself is very very good, I look forward to completing other puzzles from them!

In other news, we have been struggling to find a place to keep our puzzle collection. We debated for hours where to keep it and after talking to our landlord about adding some shelves, the told us about a closet we had completed missed! It was hidden behind a door on our verandah! Its huge and we wasted no time in filling it up! Now we just need to order some more puzzles!

Finally, we have come up with a plan for our large puzzle table, we are going to custom build one on the verandah! Pics to come soon!

Enjoy the pics!

Cocktails - 1000pc, Piatnik 2/15/2013
Started Friday: 4/12/2013
Tom, Mercedes and "Friend"

M and our "friend" get it on.

I told them they had to puzzle naked, but they decided to show me their tits instead.
Thats a very, very bad girl!

Grilled Chicken Break! This is seriously good chicken from the domino club just down the stairs!

Seriously, fuck this puzzle! I am not a fan of these Paitnik puzzles when it comes to large same color sections. The pieces do not have enough shape variation to make doing large same color sections tolerable. The girls complete the whole puzzle leaving me with black. I was only able to complete 28 pieces before they finished the rest of the puzzle.

"The puzzle table of shame" - we didn't finish it that night... 

Our new puzzle closet! I was seriously excited to find this little closet after trying for hours to find a good spot to house our collection.

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