Friday, April 19, 2013

Cocktails complete

I finished cocktails today. The girls completed the drinks while I did the border and the solid black pieces. It took me three times longer to do black than it took them to do the entire rest of the puzzle. It was super frustrating and prone to fitting pieces that dont belong. On several occasions I had to back track and pull up a series of black piece that fit their neighbors and try again after brute forcing (trying every piece) yielded no results in a fit. This is not fun puzzling in my opinion.

With this puzzle, we are starting our new mounting technique. We have put contact paper on the back and we are waiting to get foam board to glue it to. We need to borrow a truck or get a taxi in order to get the sheets home. I dont like the method of nailing between the pieces to attach a puzzle to the wall. You would not nail a painting you just finished to the wall, and neither will I nail another puzzle.

Cocktails - 1000pc Paitnik
Started: 4/12/2013
Built by: Tom, Mercedes, Tessa
Completed 4/17/2013 in St. Thomas


  1. LOL....I am about to put contact paper down on the back of my first section of the Life puzzle. I'm a bit nervous as to how it will go, but I'm assuming you got the idea from Scott Slater as well, right? Then putting contact cement spray on that to attach it to the foam board? He makes it look sooo easy on his website. LOL

  2. I did get the idea from Scott. It has gone really well so far. The key was having a helper. Press a few inches in the middle of your sheet of contact paper with a credit card or similar than work out to the edges. We are about to glue cocktails to the foam board. We had a hell of a time getting a 4x8 sheet of foam board home on the scooter....